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JIL Success Stories

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02/27/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Campbellsville, KY 
02/27/17  Logistics Planner Associate   XPO Logistics   Aurora, IL 
02/27/17  Warehouse Supervisor, 3rd Shift   XPO Logistics   Easton, PA 
02/27/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 2nd Shift   XPO Logistics   Des Moines, WA 
02/27/17  Logistics Analyst   XPO Logistics   Memphis, TN 
02/24/17  LTL Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Charlotte, NC 
02/24/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Plainfield, IN 
02/24/17  Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Charlotte, NC 
02/23/17  International Logistics Coordinator III   XPO Logistics   Carol Stream, IL 
02/23/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Cincinnati, OH 
02/23/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Romulus, MI 
02/23/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Salinas, CA 
02/23/17  Domestic Logistics Coordinator I   XPO Logistics   Carol Stream, IL 
02/23/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   DES PLAINES, IL 
02/23/17  Supervisor Operations   XPO Logistics   Fort Worth, TX 
02/22/17  Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Bannockburn, IL 
02/22/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 1st shift   XPO Logistics   Davenport, FL 
02/22/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Melrose Park, IL 
02/22/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Milan, OH 
02/21/17  Director of Operations   XPO Logistics   North Haven, CT 
02/21/17  Warehouse Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Fairburn, GA 
02/20/17  Manager Transportation   XPO Logistics   Auburn Hills, MI 
02/20/17  Warehouse Operations Supervisor, 3rd Shift   XPO Logistics   Richmond, VA 
02/20/17  Transportation Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Des Moines, IA 
02/20/17  Supervisor Operations   XPO Logistics   Auburn Hills, MI 
02/20/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 2nd shift   XPO Logistics   Swedesboro, NJ 
02/20/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Clackamas, OR 
02/17/17  Supervisor Operations Warehouse, 2nd Shift   XPO Logistics   Groveport, OH 
02/17/17  Quality Manager   XPO Logistics   Palmer, PA 
02/17/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 1st Shift   XPO Logistics   Rialto, CA 
02/17/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Elgin, IL 
02/17/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Bryan, TX 
02/16/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Keokuk, IA 
02/16/17  Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   The Dalles, OR 
02/15/17  Warehouse Supervisor -2nd shift   XPO Logistics   fort worth, TX 
02/15/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Rockford, IL 
02/15/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Columbus, OH 
02/15/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Gary, IN 
02/14/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   King of Prussia, PA 
02/14/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   San Antonio, TX 
02/10/17  Bilingual Warehouse Supervisor - 2nd Shift   XPO Logistics   Palmer, PA 
02/10/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Albany, GA 
02/09/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   King of Prussia, PA 
02/09/17  Logistics Coordinator - 2nd Shift - Charlotte   XPO Logistics   Charlotte, NC 
02/09/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 1st Shift   XPO Logistics   Forest Park, GA 
02/09/17  Logistics Analyst   XPO Logistics   Grand Blanc, MI 
02/09/17  National Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Remote, IL 
02/08/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Phoenix, AZ 
02/08/17  LTL Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Charlotte, NC 
02/08/17  Executive Director of Operations   XPO Logistics   Quakertown, PA 
02/08/17  Senior Transportation Analyst   XPO Logistics   Aurora, IL 
02/08/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Charlotte, NC 
02/08/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Los Angeles, CA 
02/08/17  International Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Orlando, FL 
02/07/17  Warehouse Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Memphis, TN 
02/07/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Sparks, NV 
02/07/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   SCARBOROUGH, ON 
02/06/17  Logistics Coordinator (3rd Shift)   XPO Logistics   Dublin, OH, OH 
02/06/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Memphis, TN 
02/05/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Uhrichsville, OH 
02/04/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Lubbock, TX 
02/04/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Phoenix, AZ 
02/03/17  Supervisor Operations   XPO Logistics   Monroe Township, NJ 
02/03/17  Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Nashville, TN 
02/03/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Albany, NY 
02/02/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Seattle, WA 
02/02/17  Domestic Logistics Coordinator III   XPO Logistics   Dallas, TX 
02/02/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   New Columbia, PA 
02/02/17  Freight Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Las Vegas, NV 
02/02/17  Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Burnaby, BC 
02/02/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 1st Shift   XPO Logistics   Mebane, NC 
02/02/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Jacksonville, FL 
02/01/17  Logistics Specialist   XPO Logistics   Union City, GA 
02/01/17  Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Orangeburg, SC 
02/01/17  Logistics Spclst Assoc   XPO Logistics   Whitestown, IN 
01/31/17  Director of Operations - Traveler   XPO Logistics   High Point, NC 
01/31/17  Supervisor Operations   XPO Logistics   Olive Branch, MS 
01/31/17  Operations Supervisor   XPO Logistics   Fort Worth, TX 
01/31/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Savannah, GA 
01/30/17  Director of Operations   XPO Logistics   Union City, GA 
01/30/17  Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Gainesville, GA 
01/30/17  Logistics Coordinator   XPO Logistics   Louisville, KY 
01/30/17  Warehouse Supervisor - 1st Shift   XPO Logistics   Fort Worth, TX 
01/29/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Miami, FL 
01/28/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Lake Forest, CA 
01/28/17  International Logistics Coordinator III   XPO Logistics   Seattle, WA 
01/27/17  Warehouse Supervisors All Shifts   XPO Logistics   Everett, WA 
01/21/17  Account Executive   XPO Logistics   Waite Park, MN 

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