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JIL Success Stories

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04/27/17  Business Development Director / Freight Forwarding #5417LL   Tyler Search   South of Boston, MA 
04/27/17  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT / SALES MANAGER #5415LL   Tyler Search   Multi locations possible, IL 
04/27/17  Vice President Sales #5416LL   Tyler Search   Asheville or Houston areas, SC 
04/25/17  Export Compliance Manager   Tyler Search   Chicago, IL 
04/25/17  Import Supervisor#5369CC   Tyler Search    Allen Park, MI 
04/25/17  Sales Manager - CT#5366NB   Tyler Search   Danbury, CT 
04/25/17  Entry Writer#5406NB   Tyler Search   Baltimore, MD 
04/25/17  Global Trade Compliance-Ops Mgr. #5332CC   Tyler Search    Bethlehem, PA 
04/25/17  Trade Compliance Analyst#5358CC   Tyler Search   Milpitas, CA 
04/25/17  Customs Compliance Analyst- CT #5390M   Tyler Search   Hartford, CT 
04/25/17  Licensed Customs Broker, Chicago, IL #5404m   Tyler Search   Chicago, IL 
04/25/17  Senior Trade Compliance Specialist, San Diego #5372CC   Tyler Search   San Diego, CA 
04/25/17  Corporate Trade Compliance Manager   Tyler Search   Chicago, IL 
04/25/17  Import Analyst#5397CC   Tyler Search   Buffalo, NY 
04/25/17  Trade Compliance Director#5393RM   Tyler Search   South Carolina, SC 
04/25/17  Import Manager#5368CC   Tyler Search   Northern, KY 
04/25/17  Entry Writer   Tyler Search   Newark, NJ 
04/25/17  Import Supervisor#5409NB   Tyler Search   Newark, NJ 
04/25/17  Vice President, Trade Compliance#5398RM   Tyler Search   Milwaukee, WI 
04/25/17  Sr. Trade Compliance Specialist #5373CC   Tyler Search   Marlborough, MA 
04/25/17  Entry Writer#5405NB   Tyler Search   Jamaica, NY 
04/25/17  Import Supervisor#5375NB   Tyler Search   Chicago, IL 
04/25/17  Trade Compliance Operations Manager-5363RM    Tyler Search   Milwaukee, WI 
04/25/17  Trade Compliance Specialist#5410RM   Tyler Search   Munich, Germany 
04/25/17  Category Manager   Tyler Search   San Diego, CA 
04/25/17  Trade Compliance and Logistics Manager, Boston, MA Area #5388m   Tyler Search   Boston, MA 
04/25/17  Export Compliance Specialist#5359CC   Tyler Search   Cherry Hill, NJ 
04/25/17  Manager, FTZ Compliance #5392CC   Tyler Search   Allentown, PA 
04/25/17  Operations Director #5400LL   Tyler Search   Chicago, IL 
04/24/17  Customs Compliance Specialist, Michigan #5414M    Tyler Search   Detroit Area, MI 
04/20/17  Entry Writer    Tyler Search   Chicago, IL 
04/20/17  Entry Writer    Tyler Search   Seattle, WA 
04/20/17  Entry Writer   Tyler Search   Los Angeles, CA 
03/28/17  Inside Sales / Logistics Specialist # 5395   Tyler Search Consultants   Ramsey, NJ 
03/28/17  Logistics Operations Manager    Tyler Search Consultants   Ontario, CA 
03/09/17  Director Global Trade and Logistics # 5389   Tyler Search Consultants   Middleborough, MA 
03/07/17  Senior Trade Compliance Manager    Tyler Search Consultants   Florence, KY 
03/07/17  Operations Manager   Tyler Search Consultants   Miami, FL 
03/05/17  Export Compliance Mgr   Tyler Search Consultants   Las Vegas, NV 
03/05/17  Export Compliance Mgr   Tyler Search Consultants   Tampa area, FL 
03/05/17  Export Compliance Mgr   Tyler Search Consultants   Bethlehem area, PA 

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