JIL Success Stories
JIL Success Stories

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"We at Star Transportation had tremendous success in hiring drivers for our company using JobsInLogistics.com. I had used them in the past with a previous company and thought that I would go back to them to see what they had to offer. Bill Smith my business Rep was outstanding and always made sure that if I had an issue he would get it resolved and get an answer to me. I have saved a lot of money putting my resources to work at JobsInTrucks.com, and am getting more responses than I ever did with the newspaper. Thanks Bill for all your help and hope to do more business with you in the future. "
  ARKLATEX Regional Manager
Star Transportation, LLC

I am going into my third year of working with you as the HR focal point at Progressive Transportation. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you in support of filling our vacancies. While I have worked with many types of support services similar to yours, your support stands out because of the accountability that you take to ensure we are satisfied with your services. Your follow-up and customer service has been outstanding and your advice in terms of our posting options has helped me tremendously.

Thanks for your great service and I look forward to continuing our working relationship in 2011. "
  Debra D. Jordan
Director of Human Resources and Administration
Progressive Transportation Services, Inc.
"I work as a Human Resource specialist for an ecommerce printing manufacturer. After several failed attempts to recruit quality Pressman to our location in Livingston, Montana, I finally came across JobsinManufacturing.com. I was put in touch with a very friendly, helpful and non aggressive sales associate. I explained to her our needs and so far a major constraint in our success to recruit quality applicants was our location and ideally seeking a passive job seeker. She provided several solutions and was very willing to accommodate my requests. An ad was run in a number of hand selected locations and quickly quality candidates started trickling in. By the second week our ad was live we had a wide variety of quality applicants and were able to successfully fill our opening. PrintingForLess.com will definitely consider JobsInManufacturing.com for any future job postings. "
  Suzie Lalich, PHR
HR Specialist/Benefits Manager
"We are pleased with the targeted service provided by JobsInLogistics.com in finding the top quality candidates we needed. We have always had a GREAT response to our Job Postings on JobsInLogistics.com. We are happy to tell you that recently we have filled our Transportation Sales as well as our Lead Dispatch openings though your services. We look forward to continuing working with you in the future. "
Dino's Logistics
"JobsinLogistics has assisted me in securing the qualified management and sales professionals I need for my clients. "
  Mike Davis
Snelling Staffing Services of Brentwood, TN
"We are always on the lookout for solid Operations/Logistics candidates in the US and Canadian markets. When a position opens up in one of distribution centers I always post on JobsInLogistics.com first knowing that they will source the best candidates. And to follow up, their customer service is fantastic personal and very helpful. "
  Mike Nagle
Director, HR
I.T. Xchange
"Dear Jobs In Logistics,

I had to send a thank you. I posted my resume on your website and within that same week I was getting calls for interviews. Within 2 weeks I found the perfect job. Actually they found me on your web site and called me. I have been employed there for almost a month now. This position is more than I could of asked for. Full benefits, opportunities and a salary that will more than support myself and 3 children!! So I would like to send a hearfelt thanks to you from myself and my children. As a single mother not receiving child support I don't have to worry anymore. Thank you for opening the door to success!!

Sincerely and many blessings in return. "
  Previous Job Seeker
"I just wanted to drop a little note to let you know that because of Jobs in Logistics, I have now found employment after looking for the past 4 months. The job is great and I am looking at a great career with a major logistics company. Thanks! "
  Previous Job Seeker
"Dear JIL (Jobs in Logistics), thanks a lot. I found a great job (actually, they found me) through your website. I am so impressed with your website, I have referred your site to all my friends in the industry. You are doing a great service to all professionals in the industry. Appreciate it. "
  Previous Job Seeker
"I wanted to thank you for providing the avenue for me to secure a good job with a good company. It was a win/win. I had been away from home for 15 years due to work. This allowed me to come home and provided an increase in pay as well. Thanks, for having such a good web site. "
Previous Job Seeker
"JML Associates International, a Toronto based retained search firm, recently and successfully completed a General Manger Operations search for a major retail distribution entity in Ontario Canada.

The quality of candidates and the geographic reach achieved by JobsInLogistics.ca was pivotal in the success of this engagement. "
JML Associates International
"We used JobsinLogistics.com for the first time and have had success. We are working on one more position and will use JobsinLogistics.com for future Logistics searches. Thanks JobsinLogistics.com. "
CVS Distribution Center
Fredericksburg, VA
"Let me begin by saying how much I like the jobsinlogistics.com web site. I have directed several people to your web site who were looking for jobs and each person found success. "
  Brittain Ladd
Manager of Transportation
Michaels Stores, Inc.
"Hey Don! Just wanted to let you know that we just placed a candidate we found on your site in a VP of Operations position. Your site is truly one of a kind as you continue to bring us quality candidates. Thanks for all that you and your staff do to help us be as successful as we are!

A customer for life! "
  Keri L. Wissell
The SearchLogix Group
"We were seeking company drivers in the JobsInTrucks.com resume database and came across a candidate who included the following sentence in his resume:

I have driven for O/O's leased to RFK. RFK has great people and great freight, but never had a 'company driver' position open when I applied---would like to drive for RFK themselves.

We hired him. "
  Robert F. Kazimour
RFK Transportation
"We had a very unique position to fill for a large company and were able to fill it through JobsInLogistics.com. This site was an economical and worthwhile investment - we will definitely continue using JobsInLogistics.com in the future as more positions become available. "
  Paul Russo
Sterling Engineering
"By using JobsInLogistics.com to post jobs and search the resume database, I have placed two qualified candidates in jobs. Thanks JobsInLogistics.com for great results! "
  Talent Acquisition Team
DionPhillips, LLC
"Don, Jobsinlogistics.com is an outstanding site! We were very satisfied with both the advertising response and resume database. We will be back for our next logistics search. "
  Lisa Beverly
Senior Consultant
The Wentworth Company
"Found a GREAT CANDIDATE using JobsInLogistics.com, very qualified and the perfect personality for the job! "
  Loie Taylor
Biolab, Inc.
"We found three very good candidates from JobsInLogistics.com and hired the one that met all of our requirements. We are very pleased with your service. "
  Dennis Kuhlman
Target Logistics Services
"I found your web site by accident and am in love with it. Our industry has needed your site for years. I'm currently on the market and getting phone call after phone call. I'll be able to pick which position I take. The need for my qualifications are in demand far more than I originally realized. I have the resume but you have helped me get it to the right people. I hope my peers don't discover jobsinlogistics.com until I have a giant head start on them. I cannot say it enough. Thank You! "
  Job Seeker
"Pier 1 Imports has filled 11 positions from JobsInlogistics.com during the last year. "
  Nathan Bennett
Pier 1 Imports
"Just to thank you for providing an excellent forum for job seekers! Your site brought my credentials to a great company, one I'm sure would not have found me otherwise. I accepted a position and convey my appreciation. "
  Previous Job Seeker
"I was out of work for 7 months when I decided to use your web site. I followed a lead you posted and I am now working for a great company. They are giving me a chance to live life to my fullest potential. Thank-you for having a site that posts leads that are real. "
  Former Job Seeker
"Just wanted to let you know we placed 2 candidates last week that we found thanks to your site! We also have another on finals this week. Thanks for all the special attention you pay that helps our business be so successful! "
  Keri Wissell
The SearchLogix Group
"We posted a position for Solutions Manager on JobsInLogistics.com and hired several candidates from this job board. "
  John Wallis
FedEx Services
"We successfully filled a job with a terrific candidate from the JobsInLogistics.com resume database. "
Darryl Urquhart
International Freight Link Inc, Surrey BC
"We have hired several quality candidates through Jobs in Logistics. Jobs in Logistics is one of our main sources of recruiting for logistics professionals. "
  Jennifer Paveletzke
Recruiting Manager
"Your website has helped me change jobs and further my career. I had just about given up and my hopes were "in the garbage" but then I applied for a posting on your website. With more layoffs in the near future, the miracle happened and I was rescued. I recommend your website to anyone who is looking for a job in the transportation field. Once again, thank you. "
  Previous Job Seeker
"We hired our VP Sales from JobsInLogistics.com. Within two weeks of posting, we received a number of qualified candidates and hired the top professional in the industry. Since then we have hired several account managers from the site. JobsInLogistics.com is an excellent experience! "
  William Chaika
H.L. Albritton Transportation
"I posted two jobs and placed candidates for both positions through JobsInLogistics.com. This is a testament to the focus and value of your services. While many other employment websites are becoming over-saturated and redundant, JobsInLogistics.com continues to offer a unique service for logistics professionals. You have proven to be a trusted partner in professional staff recruiting. "
  Gene Seigal
Director, Supply Chain / Logistics
FPC Bend
"Don, we used JobsInLogistics.com for the first time in March and have a success story. We were working on two key positions for one of our clients - we posted one of the positions on the site - had a great response (over a hundred resumes), and we did fill the position. We will use JobsInLogistics.com for future Logistics searches. Thanks, Ron "
  Ron Preston
Account Manager
ATS Professional Services
"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how effective and easy your job board service is. We recently used the Resume Search option and were able to find a highly qualified Traffic Manager in about 30 days because we could target a specific job market. The Resume Search feature is very user friendly and comprehensive. I found the resumes posted to be current and the candidates very qualified. Thanks for making the recruitment process easier and more cost effective. Keep up the good work. "
  Chuck Allen, PHR
Manager, Human Resources
Ventura Foods, LLC/Birmingham
"We found JobsInLogistics.com to be an excellent source for candidates. When we have (logistics) openings in the future we will use you. "
  Vince Doucette
Clean Harbors
"I just wanted to thank you for connecting me with my new position! I think JobsInLogistics.com offers a more specialized venue for employers and job seekers to connect, specifically in logistics. I think your focus is what helped my resume get noticed. Thanks again! "
Previous Job Seeker
"Is this a record? I posted a job on JobsInLogistics.com on Monday and hired a candidate from the site on Friday! Thank you. "
"JobsInLogistics.com has turned out to be a great recruiting tool. We have filled several positions from your board. "
Professional Search Consultant
"JobsInLogistics.com is our Number One Job Board. The majority of our positions have been filled from this site. We also consider JobsInLogistics.com to be tops in Customer Service. "
  Keri Wissel
Director Internet Recruiting
The SearchLogix Group
"We have filled 2 Sales Positions and 1 Branch Manager Position from the site. JobsInLogistics.com is a great site! "
  Carol Newman
Yusen Air & Sea Service
"We are very pleased with the service provided by JobsInLogistics.com. The site is very easy to use, and compared to other sites, has the best logistics candidate resumes. We first used JobsInLogistics.com in 2000 and were so pleased that we continue to use the site. We filled two jobs, a warehouse manager and a driver. Both are working out extremely well. "
  Nancy Boatman
Golden Eagle
"At Georgia-Pacific, we are very pleased with JobsInLogistics.com. The site is easy to use and loaded with good quality candidates. We hired a Distribution Manager and an Operations Manager from JobsInLogistics.com - both outstanding professionals. We recruited one from a job listing and the other from the resume search. "
  Linda Anelli
"We hired a logistics e-business specialist from JobsInLogistics.com and the guy is working out great! We were also using the Monster and received over 400 resumes. But once we saw the quality of candidates from JIL, we quit using Monster. The JIL candidate was pre-qualified because he had the logistics background. "
  Todd Denholm
"Thanks for the site that brought me my new position. Facing a potential layoff, I was able to find a better position than the one I was in thanks to JobsInLogistics. "
Previous Job Seeker
"Hello, I am happy to report that via JobsInLogistics.com I have landed a wonderful job. I was contacted by the employer based on the resume I had posted. It is a great opportunity at a great company. "
Previous Job Seeker
"Have had many successes using JIL. A user friendly site with lots of exposure in key industry areas. "
  Rita Kuhn
Kuhn & Associates, LLC
"Just wanted to let you know that we hired another candidate who found out about our position on your website (this is now the second position we've filled). We are very pleased with your website and will be posting other positions soon! "
  Karen Beghly
"Great candidates, great search engine. The last two candidates I've hired were from your website. I've saved more money and time using your service than I ever imagined. Not to mention the fact that the candidates were two of the strongest I've ever seen for their respective positions. "
  Harry Ziff
Director, Logistics & Materials Planning
CertainTeed Corporation
"The specials that you offer for posting and resume search far surpass your competition and the success rate for us has been terrific. Within 1.5 months of posting, we were able to place 3 persons with the same company and have one other candidate on a first level this Monday. For supply chain and logistics you are the best! Thanks for your service. "
  Nancy L Phillips
Director Logistics
FPC Bend
"Just wanted to let you know that we recently filled our postion for Director of International Operations. We received several very qualified candidates from our posting on JobsInLogistics.com. This is the 3rd managment position we were able to fill in the past six months with candidates who responded to our ad on your website. Thank you! "
  Karen Beghly
Human Resources Senior Business Partner
"We just hired a Logistics Supervisor from JobsInLogistics.com! "
  Irene Mathieu
Recruitment Specialist
"We are definitely having success from posting positions on JobsInLogistics.com. We have just hired another Logistics Manager from your site and have two more candidates on interview. "
  Irene Mathieu
Recruitment Specialist
"Walgreens filled an Operations manager position with a candidate from JobsInLogistics.com. I find your site much easier to use than most other sites and I've gotten a very good response to the positions I have posted. "
  Irene Mathieu
Recruitment Specialist
"We have recently filled two positions from Jobs in Logistics. The quality of the posted resumes is outstanding, allowing us to hire the very best in the business. Thank you. "
Moira Leslie
National Sales Manager
Advantex Express Inc.
"We filled an Operations Manager position from a JobsInLogistics.com ad posting and found your site to be a valuable resource for qualified candidates. We received an excellent response and consider JobsInLogistics.com to be a solid Return on Investment! "
Irven Barter
The Lennox Partnership
"We filled a Customs Broker Manager position from a posting on JobsInLogistics.com. We are very impressed with JobsInLogistics.com as it is much more focused than other recruiting sites. We get a very good response from our job postings. "
Cynthia Wharton
Corporate Transportation & Logistics Personnel Management Group
Winnipeg, Canada
"We filled a Transportation Sales Executive position in Ontario, Canada from JobsInlogistics.com. "
Chris Dean
PeopleSource Solutions Inc.
"First of all I would like to say that I have searched the internet long & hard for a 'Logistics job board' and was very excited when I found yours. I posted my resume about three weeks ago and received a call within a few days from an employer. I have accepted the position and will begin work shortly. Great service! "
Previous Job Seeker
"We hired an Air Freight Representative from JobsInLogistics.com. And he's working out great!!! "
  Meridith Benson
Midnight Express
"Hi Don, thank you so much for the success we are having. We have made two $$ placements in the past month through JobsInLogistics.com. We consider your Company an extension of our office! JIL has played a BIG role in helping us find quality candidates for our positions. JIL continues to provide us with the most specifically targeted responses of any internet recruitment advertising we've ever used. "
  Gina O'Leary
General Manager
The SearchLogix Group
"We hired two Transportation Sales Reps from JobsInLogistics.com. We are extremely pleased with the caliber of candidates applying to our jobs from your site. "
  Jeffrey Thompson
"We filled a Transportation Analyst position from JobsInLogistics.com. Thanks, it was very helpful. "
  Elisa Butler
Free Markets, Inc.
"We hired a Project Manager - Industrial Engineering from JobsInLogistics.com. Your site is easy to use and generates very good candidates. "
  Kristen Krueger
Limited Distribution Services
"I found the perfect job through your site. Actually, they found me. They saw my resume and they called me. I had my resume up for a very short time before I received their call. Thank you. When and if I ever need a new job, your site will be the first place I will post my resume. Thank you. "
Previous Job Seeker
"I just wanted to let you know that I was contacted by an employer three weeks after I posted my resume. After one interview, I was offered a great position which I have accepted. Your site is very user-friendly and I have recommended it to many friends, as well as my former employer. Thank you for your service!! "
  Mary (Michigan)
Previous Job Seeker
"We filled a Director of Logistics position from a candidate applying to our posting on JobsInLogistics.com. "
  Karen Beghly
"Wanted to let you know that we filled a VP role in Logistics from a candidate that contacted us through your site. Thanks! "
  Rob Reich
Schneider National
"Congratulations! We filled two positions from JobsInLogistics.com. Normally, it takes 3 to 4 months to fill such positions, but from your site, it took half that time by getting the right candidates. "
  Josh Fedewa
Bekins Worldwide
"We recently posted four positions to JobsInLogistics.com and received a number of qualified applicants. From the resumes we received, we have already filled one of our positions. "
  Helen Goldstone
Sr HR Rep
"We successfully placed a Distribution Executive for a food client from JobsInLogistics.com. This one placement paid for our annual subscription several times over. Great working with you. "
  Len Okyn
Lawrence James Associates
"I found some very, very capable people from your resume database. JobsInLogistics.com is providing a wonderful service. I wish you all the success. "
  John Iaciofano
J L Lucas Associates
"Just to let you know, we filled a VP, Transportation position from a resume search on JobsInLogistics.com. "
  Carl Colaizzi
"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with JobsInLogistics.com and the fabulous service. Eunice is a star, an absolute star. She helped us so much and gave terrific advice. Also, we are getting awfully good candidates. We couldn't be happier. "
  Mike Moore
VP Marketing & Corporate Communications
Coast Executive Search
"Wanted you to know we made our first hire off your site. Several more candidates are in stages of interviewing.
Thought I'd let you know that we have now hired three high quality candidates from JobsInLogistics.com in the last two months. "
  John Vittetoe
Recruiting Resources, Inc.
"Don, We at Menlo Worldwide are excited about your web site and the professional standards that accompany your organization. We look forward to working with you in Menlo Worldwide's ongoing quest for the Best and Brightest in the Logistics Industry. "
  Bernie Dolling
Sr. Corporate Recruiter
Menlo Worldwide
"We placed a new hire through a resume received in answer to our postings in JobsInLogistics.com. We have found JobsInlogistics.com to be very useful in sourcing and identifying top candidates for our logistics searches. We find this to be the best Internet recruiting board for the transportation and logistics industry. The site is easy to use and the staff are very responsive. They have gone out of their way to help us with our placement and consulting needs. "
  Robin Shaw
Staubach Associates
"Don, kudos to you and your staff for developing a most necessary website devoted to the Logistics Industry. Our office could not be more pleased with the quality of candidates who are posting their resumes to your niche site and with the responses we are receiving to our job postings. You and your staff's follow through and customer service are tops. Your website is easy to use and quick...that means a lot to those of us who have daily multiple postings. Keep up the fine work and thank you from all of us in the logistics recruiting industry!! "
  Gina O'Leary
General Manager
The SearchLogix Group
"I wish to thank you and Jobs in Logistics for an excellent job in assisting me in the successful search I have just completed. Your candidate received an offer within three weeks which included telephone interview, personal interview, plant visit. We are very pleased with the quality of the candidate, and the ease of using your website. "
  Jack Landau
Fortune Consultants
"MANAGEMENT RECRUITERS of ROCKVILLE specializes in Supply chain. Because of that, we are approached by Recruiting boards frequently. As you are already aware, our opinion is: JOBSINLOGISTICS is an outstanding board. The part we use the most is the posting...not only is it easy, it is productive. The response has been tremendous. And, the candidates are excellent. It is refreshing to post an ad on a site, and NOT be overwhelmed with Candidates from the wrong industry. And, your personal touch doesn't hurt either. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU! "
  Bob Moore
MRI Rockville
"Jobsinlogistics.com has improved Schneider National's ability to find the best transportation and logistics talent. We consistently receive resumes from the type of candidate that we're looking for from our jobsinlogistics.com postings. The site is user friendly and very cost effective. "
  Rob Reich
Schneider National
"I was very pleased with the response from candidates. Your website attracted many qualified candidates for me to review. We were able to fill our opening from the pool of candidates. I will continue to post Avery Dennison jobs on your site. Keep up the great advertising. "
  Steve Melfi
Recruiting Manager
Avery Dennison
"Dear Don, JobsInLogistics.com is exceptionally well positioned to serve companies in the transportation industry. In a recent comparison, a posting placed on your website yielded three times the results of a similar ad posted to Monster.com during the same period of time! Additionally, the quality of the responses was better - there were more candidates with the specific qualifications we were looking for. Your service provides better time and cost effectiveness. Add to this the personal touch and quick responsiveness you and your staff contribute and my entire JobsInLogistics.com experience has been a pleasure! Sincere thanks for a job well done!!! "
  Janina Schiavone
Operations Manager
RJW Logistics, Inc.
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