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JIL Success Stories

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10/23/21  Training & Safety Specialist   Yusen Logistics   Long Beach, CA 
10/23/21  Regional HR Manager   Yusen Logistics   Elk Grove Village, IL 
10/23/21  Business Manager   Yusen Logistics   Jacksonville, FL 
10/23/21  Regional HR Manager   Yusen Logistics   Indianapolis, IN 
10/22/21  Account Executive   Yusen Logistics   Long Beach, CA 
10/22/21  Entry Writer II   Yusen Logistics   College Park, GA 
10/21/21  Operations Specialist   Yusen Logistics   Elk Grove Village, IL 
10/21/21  Senior Pricing Analyst   Yusen Logistics   Jacksonville, FL 
10/21/21  CHB Supervisor   Yusen Logistics   College Park, GA 
10/20/21  Operations Specialist   Yusen Logistics   Secaucus, NJ 
10/18/21  Supervisor, Quality Assurance & Kaizen   Yusen Logistics   Long Beach, CA 
10/18/21  Pricing Coordinator   Yusen Logistics   Doral, FL 
10/17/21  Training & Safety Specialist   Yusen Logistics   Sumner, WA 
10/16/21  HR Business Partner   Yusen Logistics   Elk Grove Village, IL 
10/16/21  Director of Healthcare Industry Vertical   Yusen Logistics   Torrance, CA 
10/16/21  Ocean Import Supervisor   Yusen Logistics   Elk Grove Village, IL 
10/15/21  Director of Campus   Yusen Logistics   Long Beach, CA 
10/15/21  Regional HR Manager   Yusen Logistics   Charlotte, NC 
10/14/21  Director of Healthcare Industry Vertical   Yusen Logistics   Secaucus, NJ 
10/14/21  Senior Manager Operations - Warehouse   Yusen Logistics   Long Beach, CA 
10/14/21  Director of Healthcare Industry Vertical   Yusen Logistics   Elk Grove Village, IL 
10/13/21  General Manager   Yusen Logistics   Long Beach, CA 
10/13/21  Logistics Specialist   Yusen Logistics   Jacksonville, FL 
10/13/21  Branch Manager   Yusen Logistics   College Park, GA 
10/13/21  Regional HR Manager   Yusen Logistics   Sumner, WA 
10/12/21  Hub Coordinator   Yusen Logistics   Secaucus, NJ 
10/12/21  Entry Writer II   Yusen Logistics   Torrance, CA 

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