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JIL Success Stories

Mechanic Experience in Passenger Loading Bridge Required
Newark, NJ
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Post Date: 07/13/19 Company: Worldwide Flight Services
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Education: High School / GED Fax:
Experience: 6 months - 2 years Mailing Address:
Travel: Negligible
Reference: NJwqwnGo8R

Under the Contractor's general supervision, Passenger Loading Bridge Mechanics ("Mechanics"), are responsible for complex mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment. Mechanics are required to perform duties involving the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of complex mechanical equipment, as well as technically involved auxiliary and control systems. Mechanics work within stressful circumstances at times, thus any Mechanic shall use exceptional judgment when performing these duties. The Contractor shall be responsible for all training required to maintain the passenger loading bridges.

Mechanics are required to perform skilled mechanical work involving inspection, modifications, maintenance and repair on complex, specialized electronic equipment. Mechanics must possess the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems that may arise in regard to the passenger loading bridges, GPU, PAC, security/surveillance and associated equipment. Inspect, diagnose and repair all the critical systems in relation to this equipment including, but not limited to, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and electrical systems (110v, 277v, 480v), and air-handling systems for the passenger loading bridge. Participates in and performs weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi- annual and annual preventive maintenance and other inspections on passenger loading bridges in accordance with printed maintenance guides, verbal instructions, the manufacturer's instructions and requirements, and normal trade practices. Provide notes and reports to Supervisor for any defects found during inspections.

Any Corrective Work required as a result of performance of Routine Maintenance. Work shall be brought to the attention of the Supervisor and Manager. All Work shall be inputted into the CMMS and scheduled accordingly. The Contractor shall utilize welders certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) for all structural repairs when such repairs require a Certified Welder and shall utilize electricians licensed by the State of New Jersey whenever repair or replacement of electrical service or components is required.

Required Experience
All Mechanics must have at least five (5) years' experience repairing, troubleshooting, and maintaining passenger loading bridges. All Mechanics shall also be qualified/certified as Operators to operate passenger loading bridges as part of their job function. In addition, Mechanics may be used a directed by the Manager to perform Operator duties. While working as Operators, Mechanics shall be subject to the same requirements as Operators as specified herein.

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