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Transportation Manager - Full Time

Universal Logistics Holdings - Oakland, CA

Posted on 01/25/21 (Ref: )

Terminal Manager

Company Profile:
Universal continues to focus on the expanding needs of the intermodal marketplace. We provide customized intermodal solutions including drayage, container yard management, maintenance and repair, domestic container and intermodal flatbed. Our national footprint and ability to conduct business with all major steamship lines and rails gives our customers seamless and consistent service.

Position Summary:
The primary purpose of this position is to oversee, supervise, assist, and manage the operations and functions of the terminal. This includes all personnel located at the terminal and any Drivers that are assigned to this specific area.

Job Functions:

  • Manage and oversee all dispatch and assist when (as) coverage is needed
  • Authorize overpayment of contracted pay percentage
  • Supervise office and maintenance staff by assigning daily workloads (in our depots), handling employee problems and discipline, and making administrative decisions on unique exceptions/situations
  • Communicate and work with all department heads or the persons that are designated, to ensure all policies and procedures are followed at the terminal level
  • Overseeing employee hours, approving time and attendance, and paid time off
  • Troubleshoot and handle driver problems and concerns such as: accident reviews, log violations, equipment problems, personality conflicts with Operations/Safety Departments, etc. by using good management and decision-making skills
  • Handling driver accidents, repairs, and loans as needed. Submitting accidents and injuries to corporate website
  • Reviewing manifests to ensure accuracy and correcting issues as they arise

  • Owner-Operator and driver recruitment, responsible for growth
  • Responsible for managing Profit and loss statements, budgets, and revenue growth
  • Network with steamship lines to grow the customer base and look to diversify into new business

Salary: $90,000
Experience: 2-5 Years

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