Posted February 7, 2022

Logistics Jobs are Here to Stay

Logistics Jobs are Here to Stay
By Brittany Firth

Are you looking for a new, exciting, fast-paced career with advancement opportunities and great potential for financial success? Well then, look no further; logistics is here to stay.

Logistics is a term that we use often; however, if you ask anyone what it means, they will most likely give you different answers, as that one word encompasses an array of intricate strategies, procedures, and operations. One thing we can agree on is that it is huge – goliath even – yet remains hidden in plain sight. Consider everything you use daily – from your toothbrush, computer, and smartphone to that package scheduled to arrive on your doorstep this afternoon, even to that fresh salad you just ate for lunch. It has all been made available courtesy of the logistics industry. Logistics is an increasingly dynamic industry with the continued rise of ordering online and the vast number of products shipped across the country. Yet, with all its opportunities, it often remains largely overlooked – which is great news for anyone searching for a new career! From entry-level to management and executive careers, there are tens of thousands of available logistics, warehousing, distribution, transportation, and supply chain jobs available at your fingertips!

So, we've got the "what," but what about the "why"? According to a Penske survey, 58% of supply chain professionals aged 30 and younger said they pursued a career within the supply chain due to its beneficial societal impact of delivering essential goods during the pandemic. Among all respondents, a staggering 99% agreed that being part of the supply chain is a quality career choice, with 95% expressing excitement for their developmental track and training opportunities. Respondents also indicated their interest in logistics and supply chain careers stemmed from the variety of options, its impact on business, and the fast pace and challenges of keeping supply chains running on time.

Let's move on to the "how." Although we keep hearing time and time again about this labor shortage, that doesn't mean there is no longer competition for you to rise above when applying online. Employers value prior experience but oftentimes will accept candidates with a college degree or certification in a related field. If you're looking to break into the industry, gaining that experience is a very important step towards getting noticed for a position. Fortunately, there are countless positions available within a warehouse or distribution center, manufacturing, material handling, or as a dispatcher, to name a few, that will help you start ascending that corporate ladder. If you don't have any experience within the field, include a brief cover letter explaining why you're interested in working there and how you'll be an asset to the team.

If you've been in the industry for a while but are still having trouble landing that interview, don't fret. The strongest candidates possess excellent attention to detail and strong critical thinking abilities with many of the positions. You can prove that you have these skills by demonstrating such on your resume. When reviewing job descriptions, you'll often see the benefits of working for each company, so why not include the benefits of them hiring you in your resume submission? What skills will you bring to the table? What makes you better than the hundreds of other resumes submitted for the same position? If you have the experience, be sure that you list it out clearly – use the job requirements as a checklist for your resume. Gear your resume specifically towards the company you are applying for; personalize it.

Gauge the tone of the job description as well. If it's written in a stuffy, corporate way, have your resume follow the same suit. However, if it's down-to-earth or even includes a sense of humor within, match that with a touch of your own personality whilst still maintaining professionalism. Let your character shine through when the time is right! Being the individual who stands out from the rest transforms you into that one very memorable resume submission and gets you that much closer to the interview process.

"Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics." – Omar Bradley