Posted February 3, 2016

Resume Bloopers

Resume Bloopers
By Carol Zaciewski

Resumes are always the first impression before employers consider you for an interview. There are many factors that can influence the likeliness of whether they will be interested in you or not, like keywords, experience, etc., but your chances will surely drop into the "no" box if there are grammar errors included in your resume.

Have you reviewed your resume lately? Check out these real-life resume bloopers and make sure your resume doesn't fall through the grammar cracks.

  • "Reduced anal operating expense by 70%"
  • "Tanked Top Freight Agent of the Year"
  • Experience: "Feet and operations manager"
  • "Developed annual operating fudget in excess of $2 million per year"
  • "Oversaw 25,000sq.ft raw material wherehouse"
  • "Increaced revenue by 120%"
  • "Responsible for on-site DSD and line haul delivery's"
  • "Pre-shift infections of the yard equipment"

It only takes a couple of minutes to scan your resume on for typos and grammatical errors or even review the choices of what you are communicating. Make sure your first impression is flawless today!