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A Warehouse Full of Opportunities

Warehouses may be one of the first things you think of when picturing the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. Warehouses are key for the movement and processing of goods from companies to their customers; they are also an excellent place to find a job in the industry. Warehouses offer an array of ... [Read More]

Supply Chain & Logistics: 20 Years of Change

The last 20 years have been ones of rapid growth. Technology, changing political and economic landscapes, and increasing global connectivity in general has changed how companies look at their products and consumers. The logistics and supply chain industry has continuously adapted to ... [Read More]

5 Essential Skills to Work in Logistics

As supply chain and logistics companies strive compete in a global marketplace and keep up with rising consumer demands, the need for skilled professionals in the industry will continue to grow. In fact, the growth rate predicted for logistics managers in the next ... [Read More]

Career Areas in Supply Chain

There is no doubt that the work of supply chain businesses is multifaceted! For the person looking to break into the world of supply chain and logistics, opportunities are abounding, and continue to grow with consumer demand and international connections ... [Read More]

Job Hunting During the Holidays

When you think of jobs in the holiday season, you most likely are thinking of the traditional retail job, working with customers in a store. However, retail isn't the only industry that sees a boom in hiring during the holidays. It's a common misconception ... [Read More]

Myth Busting: Careers in Logistics

Myth 1: The job opportunities in the logistics and supply chain industries are limited.
The logistics industry is an extremely diverse one, with both part-time and full-time opportunities around every corner. In fact, there is currently ... [Read More]

International Logistics - A Candidate's Market

With the current flurry of unprecedented and unpredictable tariff changes, there is a high demand for international logistics leaders, freight agents, import/export specialists, entry writers and licensed customs brokers. Not an easy task. There is a shortage ... [Read More]

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