Posted November 18, 2019

Job Hunting During the Holidays

Job Hunting During the Holidays
By Grace Tino

When you think of jobs in the holiday season, you most likely are thinking of the traditional retail job, working with customers in a store. However, retail isn't the only industry that sees a boom in hiring during the holidays. It's a common misconception that holidays are the worst time to apply for a job - in most cases, especially with supply chain and logistics, the holidays are a great time for your job hunt.

The holidays are a peak season for hiring with supply chain and logistics companies. With increased orders and demanding shoppers, manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, and other supply chain and logistics company need all hands on deck to handle the volume. Many companies seek to boost their employee total up to hundreds of thousands more. With that in mind, it's time to spruce up your resume and pick an interview outfit and kick your job search into high gear!

Here's a quick checklist of to-dos as you continue your search:

  • Update your resume. Try adding in examples of times you managed large volumes and stressful situations, it will show you are an asset during peak season! Be sure to include numbers and tangible results.
  • Do your research. Research different companies that are hiring, the titles of positions you are interested in, and different sections of the supply chain and logistics industry. It will also be helpful to research the challenges of the holidays in the industry so you can think of solutions to discuss in an interview.
  • Make a list of job postings you're interested in and your application status. This will help you keep track of what you've applied to so there are no repeats, and you'll remember the status of your application. Find the best jobs in the supply chain and logistics industry by searching here.
  • Practice interviewing. Review your answers to standard interview questions for each job you get called in for and try practicing a mock interview with a friend. You'll feel more confident during the real deal!

Happy holidays, and good luck! We are with you every step of the way.