Posted April 17, 2020

Warehouse Jobs See Growth Amidst COVID-19

Warehouse Jobs See Growth Amidst COVID-19
By Grace Tino

The last several months have undoubtedly been times of tumultuous change. COVID-19 has challenged all industries but has considerably changed things for the supply chain and logistics space. As a result of higher demand for groceries, medical supplies, and other essentials by consumers, the work volume has skyrocketed for logistics companies. While other industries are seeing major setbacks, supply chain and logistics have become even more essential for the economy and society, along with all its employees. One of the most in-demand positions that has seen growth in the last several months is warehousing. Warehouses and their employees are key for the movement and processing of goods from companies to consumers; they play an integral role in logistics, from grocery transport to online order fulfillment.

Warehouse opportunities have continued to surge over the last several years, largely due to the boom in online shopping and delivery. In fact, in 2019, the United States saw a surge in online shopping by 14%. The current situation has acted as a catalyst to increase demand for online fulfillment of grocery items and medical supplies. This high demand is reflected in the rapid growth of warehouse opportunities in the logistics industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)'s recent April report on the warehousing space was promising: the warehouse industry sector added about 8,000 jobs within the month of March. In total up until April, warehousing and storage has added 23,000 jobs this year- a staggering comparison to the 25,000 jobs that were added to the sector in total in 2019.

Previously, we've looked into the different types of opportunities for all skill levels in warehousing. The warehousing space is one with a variety of positions to meet the different needs of all candidates Warehouses provide options for part-time and full-time hours, shifts throughout the day or night, and a range of entry-level positions, all the way to more specialized and managerial ones. Common positions you'll find when exploring job opportunities include warehouse associate, material handler, selector, forklift driver, and manager.

What else makes a warehouse a great place to work? On top of steady work from an essential position, there is steady weekly pay, as well as fantastic benefits packages! Warehouses' wide variety of positions and specialties means there is also multiple different paths an employee can seek for advancement. Employees have the chance to try out different areas of work and gain a wide variety of transferrable skills that will easily boost a resume. Plus, the work is often fast-paced, and you'll rarely have a dull moment working with the variety of different people on a warehouse team.

While the pandemic has created new challenges to the job search process, we at JobsinLogistics understand that there are always job seekers in need. For some, this pandemic has served as a disruption to their ongoing search, while others may need new employment options if they're recently out of work. JobsinLogistics continues to deliver a wide variety of positions in the logistics space to candidates of all skill levels and specialties. Currently, our board has over 11,000 opportunities in the warehouse space nationwide with companies that are actively seeking to hire.

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