Posted May 15, 2020

Job Searching During and After COVID-19 - Set Yourself Apart!

Job Searching During and After COVID-19 - Set Yourself Apart!
By Grace Tino

Coronavirus has truly reshaped the country, leaving many job seekers lost amongst a changing landscape. Shutdowns across every state have caused a drastic change in businesses of all industries. Many companies, in response to lower consumer demand as well as facility shutdowns, have been forced to lay off employees. According to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), payroll employment fell by 20.5 million in April, and unemployment rose to 14.7%. The BLS attributed this large rise to the effects of COVID-19, and the various shutdowns and safety measures that have been affecting the profitability of businesses across various industries. However, with case numbers now leveling off, many states are beginning the processes of reopening their businesses to the public- and with reopening comes increased hiring demand.

The supply chain and logistics industry can expect changes to continue post-pandemic, including better safety precautions for workers, making it a great industry to investigate. Many supply chain and logistics employees, such as warehouse employees and drivers, have captured the respect of the country as essential workers. Additionally, many retailers predict that consumer online shopping habits will not die down after the virus, and e-commerce can anticipate strong demand even after states reopen.

An important consideration as you revamp your logistics and supply chain job search is competition due to the unemployment spike. As businesses begin opening, the hiring demand is going to rise. However, this also means that competition will be steep. Many may be exploring careers in logistics and supply chain for the first-time, particularly since it is one of the few industries to have seen consumer demand rise rather than fall amidst the pandemic. According to the BLS, the number of people who are currently not working, but are looking for or want a job, doubled in April to 9.9 million.

How can you gain a competitive edge in the post-pandemic job search?

Focus on your resume! It's the most important snapshot into your value as a potential employee to a hiring team. To make your resume stand out amongst other applicants, there are some easy but rewarding steps to take when preparing to send it in.

Read the job description very carefully. Try printing it out and highlight words that you see repeated several times. These are awesome keywords for you to include in your resume! If a word is repeated several times through a job posting, it is likely that those are the skills, traits, and qualifications that are most desirable to the hiring team. Once you find those keywords, find ways to incorporate them into your resume. Including these words gives you a competitive edge, particularly if the hiring team is using software to sort through applications- which is likely if you are filling out an online form.

Though it may be hard, don't be shy to address a recent job gap. If you're unemployed due to the recent layoffs, you're not alone, and your situation is completely understandable to employers during this unique time. In your brief professional summary, or in a message to the employer if the application allows it, explain that you are only out of work due to the virus, but you are eager to get back!

Before sending your resume to employers, the final step is to read your resume over several times and check for different spelling or grammatical errors such as incomplete sentences. While these mistakes can be small, you will want a flawless resume to really stand out in the heightened competition. A great way to catch errors is to read your resume aloud, as well as have family or friends read it for you as a second opinion.

Additionally, take into consideration that the job search process may be different than you are used to. Be patient and open minded to how the companies are approaching hiring candidates, as operations may slow the process down more than usual. Many will still be taking active safety and social distancing precautions, which can alter the typical interview process, resulting in virtual or phone interviews instead. If you've made it to an interview round, it's likely it will be a virtual one! Treat your virtual interviews as you would an in-person interview. Dress appropriately, and make sure your surrounding environment is clean, quiet, and free from distractions.

The most important thing to remember is not to be scared off by the competition. Businesses of all sizes within the supply chain and logistics space will be increasing their hiring even more than before as facilities begin to reopen and governmental restrictions are lifted. Staying proactive and aware of actively hiring businesses is key. JobsInLogistics has thousands of actively hiring opportunities with the best companies in the industry. Job seekers can also upload or refresh their resumes and create candidate profiles for our thousands of hiring partners to find them. Now is the perfect time to start searching, improving your resume, and applying. You'll land that next job in no time!