Posted June 11, 2020

Advance Your Career in Logistics

Advance Your Career in Logistics
By Grace Tino

The global supply chain industry is growing thanks to new business models and innovative technologies. Some of these growing sectors include warehousing, e-commerce, and home delivery. As logistics and supply chain businesses continuously act as essential parts of the global economy, the demand for talent in the logistics industry continues to increase. Now is the time to ask yourself how you can take advantage of opportunities to transition and grow within the field.

Assess Your Current Skill Set

To advance your career, you should first evaluate your strengths and interests within the supply chain industry. Figure out how your knowledge and expertise can be a benefit to logistics companies, and what types of positions you will thrive in. The best way to do this is look back on your past job responsibilities as well as accomplishments. You may be surprised at how transferrable your skills are in the logistics industry since many job duties and roles are interconnected between different positions. It is essential to highlight these skills in your resume to stand out as a perfect candidate for an advanced position. Focus your efforts on the positions you see that best fit the skills you have earned; companies look for candidates that have a solid base for a smooth transition.

Never Stop Learning

The supply chain is constantly evolving and growing with new technologies, practices, and innovations. While learning the newest advancements might sound intimidating, the payoff can be huge and is well worth the extra effort. Technological knowledge and skills are some of the most desirable for logistics companies as they adopt these technologies into their protocol and increase reliance on them. Enroll in classes and programs that help you to stay up to date on the latest technologies and consider certifications in useful subjects such as data security or inventory management. If you are currently working in a logistics role, speak to a supervisor or coworker about mentoring you in technology you are unfamiliar with. This is fantastic for hands on experience to add to your resume and land the next big job, and your mentor can serve as a great reference.

Network for Success

Building a strong network is crucial for a career transition. Joining a professional association such as APICS, CSCMP, or ISM will give you the opportunity to meet other supply chain industry professionals and share career advice and practices. Plus, new connections can be incredibly valuable for your career development. Connections can teach you new skillsets, advise you on your career, and even provide a gateway to your next opportunity.

Become Accessible to Employers

Another great way to network is by getting your resume and work experience on the right hiring boards. JobsinLogistics is the leading niche job board for the logistics and supply chain industry. Our board allows you to create a unique profile that highlights your experience, skills, and expertise. The best part? Our hundreds of logistics and supply chain company clients can search and contact you directly! If you're interested in creating a free profile with JobsInLogistics, create your resume profile here.

By understanding your abilities, developing critical skills, and networking with other industry professionals, you can advance your career in logistics. As companies in the logistics and supply chain space continue to ramp up their hiring efforts, there is no better time to learn, improve, and put yourself out there. Continue your career journey with JobsInLogistics and explore our thousands of opportunities for advancement here.