Posted February 15, 2023

How to Use Action Words to Power Your Resume

How to Use Action Words to Power Your Resume
By Hannah Dunbar

Your resume is an opportunity to show off your experience and accomplishments to employers in the supply chain industry. Using action words, also known as power verbs or dynamic verbs, are a key component of writing an effective resume. They help to bring your skills, achievements and experiences to life, making them more meaningful and impactful. When used correctly, action words demonstrate your competence, drive, and ambition, making you a more attractive candidate for the job.

Here are a few ways you can effectively use action words to power your resume and land a job in the logistics industry:

Match the Job Description

Matching action words in your resume to the description of the job you are applying for is crucial because it helps to align your skills and experiences with the specific requirements and expectations of the role. Pair your action words with key terminology that is relevant to the position. This demonstrates your understanding of the job and your suitability for the position and makes it more likely that you will be considered a strong candidate.

Be Specific

To effectively highlight your experience in the supply chain industry, it is important to use specific action words in your resume that demonstrate your skills and achievements in this field. For example, words such as "coordinated," "scheduled," "dispatched," and "delivered" can showcase your ability to manage shipments and deliveries. Other action words such as "negotiated," "reduced," and "improved" can demonstrate your ability to optimize costs and improve efficiency in logistics operations. Additionally, words like "managed," "supervised," and "trained" can demonstrate your leadership and management skills in the logistics industry. Avoid generic or vague terms like "handled" or "did."

Use an Active Voice

Use active voice instead of passive voice in your resume by starting each bullet point in your resume with an action word. An active voice emphasizes your agency and shows that you took initiative and ownership of your work, which can be appealing to potential employers. Additionally, using an active voice makes your resume more engaging and easier to read, as it provides a clear and concise picture of your experiences and achievements. It also helps to keep your resume concise and to-the-point by avoiding lengthy and convoluted sentences.

Quantify Your Achievements

Using numbers and statistics to quantify your achievements and demonstrate the impact you have made will set yourself apart from other candidates. For example, instead of simply stating "made a new scanning system," you can use action words alongside an impressive statistic, such as "improved inventory accuracy by 25% through the implementation of a new scanning system." This will not only highlight your achievements, but also provide concrete numbers to back up your claims, making them more persuasive and memorable to potential employers. Additionally, using action words that quantify your achievements shows the scope and scale of your work, demonstrating the level of responsibility you have taken on and the impact you have made in your previous roles.

Using industry-appropriate action verbs on your resume not only highlight your skills, but also demonstrate your knowledge of the functions of the position you are applying for. Take advantage of action words as a tool to power your resume and find your next logistics job!